Thankfulness; and a riff on Conservative Political Ideas

I have much to be thankful about. I serve the Lord God who is gracious to forgive my sins and call me his son. I enjoy the company of my mother who continues to demonstrate class and joy. She counts it all joy in various kinds of trials and temptations. I have siblings, nieces and nephews who are a delight to be around. My church has graciously encouraged me, putting up with my foibles and helping me to mature in the faith. My friends all around the world who pray for me and encourage me. Thank you.

I am also thankful to be an American citizen. From my earliest days as a child I felt this way. I live in a country whose founders valued life and liberty. Some of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence and paid for it with their lives in the war. Others fought in later wars at great personal cost.

Although life and liberty have long been assaulted by those who desire to be their arbiters, I believe and pray that America’s core values will prevail. Social justice which owes its allegiance to state controlled interests tends to breed tyranny and misery, forestalling creativity and initiative due to co-dependent expectations of specific interest groups which expect bailouts and handouts, rather than the freedom to pursue entreprenuerial ideas. Thus, the capacity to give willingly is co-opted by state controlled mandates to redistribute wealth, talent and ideas based on the judgement of the powerful; a situation proven by history to be rife with pervasive problems of inequity. In essence, social inequity is exacerbated.

True social justice, on the other hand, avoids the consumer-oriented selfishness of greed which can result from capitalism gone awry on one hand, and the tyrannical over-reaction of socialism which seeks government intrusion into daily American lives on the other hand. Thus, it gives freely and sacrificially so that those less fortunate may find help in time of need while also being enabled to strengthen their ability to provide for themselves. Lest any should wonder where I stand, I agree that out-of-control spending and selfishness has gotten us in this financial mess and this responsibility falls equally on both sides of the political aisle. I also pray that those to the left will see the madness of trying to spend our way out of financial mayhem. Has it occurred to anyone that someone ultimately will have to pay the piper? Hmm?

Enough of that. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Spend wisely of your personal finances and save judiciously. Do not follow the government’s example, lest you find yourself in need of a government bailout which I can promise you will come with a price you do not want to have to pay; a price far more costly than mere dollars. :)


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