marketing and being: a personal reflection on the way forward

When I concluded my full-time service as a Senior Curriculum Consultant for a national distribution firm of church supplies such as Sunday school curriculum, Bibles and Vacation Bible School material, I had in mind the goal of doing independent consulting for churches. The three years I spent as a professional consultant taught me a great deal about how to help churches find practical solutions to their real world ministry challenges. I thought I could be a benefit to churches. Perhaps in some small ways I have been, but certainly not in a way that is commercially viable. This blog originally was conceived as a website, and then experienced several iterations before ending up in its current (likely temporary) state. It has been four years since I worked as a full-time consultant. Much has changed in that time, especially with me. This explains why I have slowly moved away from posting only on children’s ministry. Instead, I have taken to posting about that, and much more, particularly in the area of spirituality and mission.

Originally I tried to market myself as a consultant, with little success I might add. I did a few onsite church consultations and teacher trainings. I received a number of emails and attempted to help people; likely with varying results. I am at a point where I am no longer interested in marketing myself. I realize that that season is over, at least for now. I would rather simply be myself. Besides, sounding my own horn to have people use my service has always grated on my nerves. The distance of time has liberated me from the constraints of looking constantly over my shoulder trying to please everyone who might be a potential vendor or customer, as was the case when I worked for the distributor. Again, I would rather just be myself: a simple warehouseman who is passionate about the Lord, leading the lost to Jesus, and children’s ministry.

So, this is my public confession. I am off the market as a consultant. Why pretend to be something that wasn’t really happening? :) However, I am happy to help folks as always. If churches are interested in having me visit them, then the same policies and rates apply. See the menu to the right for more information. In fact I have one event scheduled already in January, and I may be teaching workshops in the Spring at the Northwest Ministry Conference in Redmond, Washington. If anyone wants to converse with me about children’s ministry, feel free to contact me. I am still somewhat active at so your best bet might be to head over there, registered as a member, and then interact to your heart’s content. When I am finished unloading this monkey (dissertation) off my back, then I hope to be much more active there again contributing content and working with users.

In the meantime, be who God has called you to be. He will give you wisdom to do it with excellence!


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