risking hope in brokenness

We are all needy. Deep down, most people know that. We might talk a good game, but those who know us best, or who perceive most clearly know better. We hurt inside in that singular way which makes us wonder if anyone else can possibly understand. It might be a strained relationship, a painful health symptom, frustration over dreams derailed, or any number of other possibilities. We strive to do our best with what we have. We seek God. We try to be obedient. We succeed in some things; fail in others. We secretly wish for different circumstances, forgetting that God is teaching us contentment now while preparing us for new experiences to come.

The late hours are hardest for many of us. Alone. In solitude. We reflect on what might of been, and wonder if our choices have been ill-advised; and if so, what now? We remember prayer. Yes. We remember those times when the Bible came alive for us. We recall when the presence of God was so real and we knew that we heard his voice. We remember our commitment to take up our cross wherever that might lead us. And then we remember that Jesus also struggled in the dark hour. We recall that he wept in pain over what was to come. Surely, he can identify with what we feel. Surely, his victory has some significance for us.

There is hope in brokenness. To those of you who feel last place, Jesus calls you to the front of the table to sit with him. You who struggle with secret sin, God calls you with joyous grace to give it all to him, turning away from that behavior and risking freedom and joy. For those who are burned out and ready to walk away from everything, Jesus offers you living water from a well that never runs dry. Take a risk and cling to hope in the midst of your despair. God has not forgotten you or abandoned you. He loves you. Your life matters. You matter.


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