starting to dream

I am starting to think about summer ministries again. Actually I never really stopped thinking, but I have taken a day off from focusing on my dissertation and in so doing, it has allowed me to entertain some ideas this evening. For a long while I have realized that bringing children to our campus has limited effectiveness in communicating the gospel. It is helpful for some. But seemingly not so much for others. So, here is what I began thinking last year, and I plan to implement in some form next summer.

I am thinking of doing a brief 30 to 45 minute live action puppet/magic/drama show every week right in the parking lot of the apartment. I will either do it on a weeknight, such as Wednesday before church, or on a Sunday morning. I will pick a grassy spot, set up, watch the kids come, and go to work. Each presentation will have a gospel focus while emphasizing different entertaining skills, and character lessons.

I am already trolling the store for great ideas and asking my colleagues there for their input. I am passionate about leading families to Christ. If a child comes to Christ but does not have the support of her parents, it makes it much harder for their to be a sustaining discipleship effort. I want to minister to families and their children, sharing the gospel with all of them. Maybe this is one way to do that.

I also am planning to do more with sports next year, adding soccer to our portfolio. I am thinking of doing a one week soccer camp, plus reprising the one week basketball camp again. Plus I want to begin developing some mentoring for those kids that do not have active parents in their lives.

Will you pray for me and my church that God will give us wisdom and discernment on the direction to take this? Thanks!


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