daily reality

I don’t know what you go through in your daily lives. I imagine it is similar in some ways to my experience. You rise in the morning. You get ready for work. You do your job. You come home. You do household chores and run errands, not to mention preparing meals. Then you go to bed. For many of you, it is much more complex than that as you throw into the mix your responsibility to spouses, children, and a variety of other relationships. This is the stuff of your daily reality. This is the stuff of life.

Parts of my reality might be different from some of yours. I don’t have a family to whom I come home every evening. This has its advantages, especially for a recluse like me. I imagine it has its disadvantages as well. Plus I am a student who is laboring to finish the final details of my academic experience. But I still have to do laundry, figure out how to pay my bills, wash and put away my dishes, clean my home, maintain my vehicle, work a full-time job, do ministry, relate to extended family members, and so on. I still have to live life in the daily reality.

Sometimes the process is joyful such as when I talk on the phone with my Mom and we share our love for each other. Sometimes it is painful such as when I ride the Max or drive throughout the city and think about the missed opportunities in my life. I am learning to maintain a positive attitude; becoming a glass is half full individual is a challenge for a person who struggles with self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Yet, each day is a gift from God. Who am I to downplay the opportunities God has given me to love him and love others around me?

The gritty reality of daily living is infused with dynamic opportunity. Will I pour my heart into living it to the fullest for God’s glory? Or will I choose to be selfish, focusing on what pleases me, rather than what pleases God and ministers to others? It is an opportunity. Someday I will stand before God to give an account of what I made of that opportunity. Every choice I have made. Every attitude I have embraced. Every action I have engaged. I suppose this is one of the disadvantages of singleness. It is natural for me to consider first my needs. In families, spouses and children are confronted daily with the needs of their loved ones. They have a natural environment in which their character may be refined.

Daily reality challenges me to use whatever gifts God has chosen to deposit in me for his glory and for a witness to the nations. Perhaps this is one reason why I have become passionate about writing. Maybe someday I will even develop some skill at it as I learn from editorial feedback.

Everyday I am motivated to learn how to pray without ceasing, and to fill my heart and mind with Scripture. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, much less the coming years. On one hand, I am terrified that I will not be up for the task. On the other hand, I realize that my lack of ability is not the point. I must trust in God, whether through failure or victory. God’s grace and provision will then become my daily reality.


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