Remembering 9/11

If you do not like strong opinions regarding 9/11 and the war on terror, I invite you to click the exit button on the top right hand of your browser in order to leave this page.

I remember exactly what I was doing when I learned about the initial 9/11 attack. I had awakened with a start and I sat up quickly to get ready for work. With my eyes still blurry I turned on the TV to check the traffic reports on the news. What I saw was a burning tower. I did not understand at first. I thought maybe it was a commercial for a movie of the week. Not so. Not by a long shot. Instead I was watching the horror of the towers falling. I watched my fellow Americans die due to what I thought was a horrible plan crash. 

In a daze, I went ahead and prepared for work, and then drove there. I was speechless. Numb. When I arrived at work, my co-workers were equally dazed. All day we had no customers. We simply sat or stood and watched the news. And as the reality of what had happened set in; as I began to realize what actually had occurred; as it dawned on me that this was the work of terrorists from another part of the world who hated America on account of skewed religous extremist dogma, I became heartsick, and angry.

I have always had a compassion for the nations. That continues to this day. I will sit and have lunch with people of any faith, any creed, any ethnicity, or any political persuasion. For the record, no I do not believe there are many paths to God. There is only one God and one mediator between God and humans, the man Christ Jesus (1 Tim 2:5). Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). Having said that, I enjoy a good conversation regardless of a person’s faith or creed, as long as it is mutually respectful.

But, I have no compassion for evil, wherever it might originate. Terrorism is evil. It knows no boundaries of civil society. It looks only to its own nefarious aims, thinking that people who who have other ways of thinking–especially if they come from America or Israel– are deserving of genocide. You cannot negotiate with a terrorist. You cannot trust a terrorist at his or her word. You cannot hold summits, bribe with promises of benefit, or warnings of benefit removal. There is only one type of thing a terrorist understands: the business end of a Glock, a guided missile, or carpet bombing, to cite a few examples. So ask yourself who you want in our nation’s highest office to deal with the present and yet-to-be revealed threats of the coming decades: a spineless politically correct elitist who guffaws about small town people, saying they have only two things (guns and religion)? Or do you want someone who has been at war and knows its horror and is personally motivated to prevent it, yet equally capable of waging it as necessary in order to protect our land and people, as well as our interests abroad?  Regardless of how you might feel about various specific policies about which he has flipflopped for the sake of political expedience, the fact remains: One candidate will NOT negotiate with terrorists, nor try to ignore them, thinking they will go away. Can you say the same about the other candidate? Are you sure of your answer? While thinking about it, take time for a moment to thank our current president for the hard work he has done to protect our country. Have I agreed with all of his decisions? Nope. Do I think the alternative from the other party could have done better? I will let you figure that one out. :)

Ask yourself about which current candidate is best suited to lead America forward as you remember the thousands who were slaughtered on 9/11. Ask yourself who will best honor the memory of the passengers on Flight 93, who did what they had to do to protect others, even when they knew their lives were forfeit. Ask yourself about sacrifices made by the firemen and police officers in New York City, who fought with all their hearts to save lives, giving up their’s in the process. Consider the servicemen and women all over the world who are fighting for liberty at great personal cost.

Who should lead us forward as a nation? You decide with your vote in November. I encourage you to pray about it and make your vote count.


4 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11

  1. Thank you for saying what so many are too timid to speak, and what so many need to hear and remember. Great post.

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