Persecution in India

By going to my old blog you may see photos of persecution which has recently occurred in India. A pastor friend of mine sent me the following note, along with these photos. To protect his identity and his family, I have removed his name.

Please pray for India, both for believers and those who are not believers. Pray that God will protect the innocent and turn what the evil one meant for evil into something which glorifies God.

Glen Woods

Dear brother Woods and all family. Greetings to you. Hope you would have heard the news of Orrisa. I am very said to let you know that Orrisa in Uttar Pradesh are under attack again. There are 90 churches and 24 people burned alive and more than 700 houses were destroyed and being persecuted for the sake of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Anti-Christian groups. Many children became orphans now. Please pray with us against the powers of wickedness and rulers of darkness wreaking havoc and causing confusion among these people. It is our prayer that eyes of those who have been resistant will finally be opened to the gospel message.

But I praise God that His word is true and whatever Prophecy done by Him come to true.

Hope: you all are doing well and continue praying for all those who are victims. There are six people who r willing to take baptisam in our church in forth coming days pray for them please too.

Our prayers are always for all of you and especially for your ministry.

I am starting an orphange for those children who feel helpless now. I will request you to kindly raise your hands for support of those children so that we can give them a new life. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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