you are never too old

I took my mom out to lunch yesterday. We picked out our favorite spot in the local Subway restaurant. Turkey sandwich for her. Roastbeef for me, along with fresh spinach and lettuce. Good eating. Better conversation. She shared with me that she will be volunteering with my sister in their church’s Awana club. How cool is that? She remembers her days of going into the projects in the Watt’s neighborhood of Los Angeles. So many memories. The children would scream out, “The Bible lady is coming! The Bible lady is coming!” It is that cry that has motivated me all these years to work with kids, particularly those who struggle in the margins.

My mom is so excited to return to working with kids again, helping them to learn their Bible verses. I look forward to hearing all about it. A whole new generation of little ones will learn what it means to have the Bible lady come into their precious lives. She understands that you are never too old to serve as the Lord leads and grants you health to do so.  Indeed, the Bible lady is coming, even at 83 years of age. And we are all better for it.


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