Day Three–Basketball Camp

The whistle rested in my mouth. I was poised to throw the ball in the air. Two players on either side of my stood ready to jump for the ball. Everyone watched. The game began. With four players on each team, they worked their way back and forth. Yes, they traveled. But they had so much fun. Some of them scored points. Others played really good defense. Others wondered just a little if this is the game for them. The other coaches and I tried to encourage them. They have progressed so well. All their hard work is beginning to pay off, if only a little. Tomorrow is out final night. I will post photos on my other blog soon. In the meantime friendships with these growing little buggars are being forged. It has been time well spent.

Movie and game night took place in the other building with the little ones, 35 in all. So, as the summer begins to fade, we have managed to sustain a large portion of the kids we have gained. I look forward to getting to know them all better in the weeks ahead.

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