Wrestling with Chapter One

Some of you might be wondering where I have been the last few days in terms of blogging. I am busy revising the first draft of chapter one of my dissertation. Tomorrow will be critical to get that done. I appreciate any prayers! I do have more photos of VBS forthcoming.

Also, I found out that WordPress is very stingy on file storage, so I cannot post anymore photos here. I will probably retain blogger for that purpose in the short term and then find another long term solution. Bear with me. I will figure it out!


2 thoughts on “Wrestling with Chapter One

  1. Great to hear how you are coming on Chapter One of your dissertation.

    Regarding the WordPress storage. I think the free templet and the storage are limited, but if you pay the annual $35.00 it not so limited. Photos, as you know use up the memory, but the annual fee buys more space. At least, I am not experiencing any limitations to my frequent use of photos on my wordpress site.

    I like your new site much better. Can you get Children’s Ministry Conversation on the same line? You know I am going to say this, and put a picture there to welcome us. (Ha)

    I read all your blogs, keep up the good work. Barney

  2. Re. the photo, you are funny Barney. LOL. I tried posting a photo but it only allows a very small photo which would not show up very well. So, it really isn’t worth it. Also, I have no interest in paying money for bandwith, otherwise I would go back to doing a regular website, but your point is well taken. I am actually going to keep blogger for photo purposes for now. I found out that blogger was not the cause of my problems. Rather, it was a bug in my IE application.

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