Thinking About a Blog Client Change

I am considering changing blog clients. Blogger has some bugs which are, well, bugging me. The main one is that it keeps saving multiple drafts of each posts, which means I have to manually delete each one on the backend. So, does anyone have suggestions for a good free alternative? I am thinking about going with my blog at The url is here: However, I probably will want a more general client which is not strictly focused on children’s ministry and which allows me to point my url to the blog address. So chime in if you have ideas!


3 thoughts on “Thinking About a Blog Client Change

  1. Glen,
    If you do a blog and add your own domain name it’s only $15 a year. I know a lot of people who have gone there from blogger and are very happy.

    I do a self hosted blog running WordPress and have more options like podcast and javascript widgets.

    Either way, blogger has fallen way behind in the last few years.

  2. Thanks Tony. Two others have recommended it to me as well. I have already set up a beginning account, so I will start playing with it and see how it works out. I appreciate the advice!

  3. I moved to wordpress too, but needed some help from the husband to get things going. Color me dummy, but found it a little less plug and play than blogspot, but I was glad to have a broader selection of themes, and in some ways I think the automaticness of blogspot creates too many limitations. Aside from my current template which does very strange things with pictures, I am more or less happy with wordpress.

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