Testing a New Blogging Platform

Howdy. Due to my mounting frustration with the foibles of blogger, I decided to try WordPress to see if I like it. So, this is just a test. It is only a test. If this had been a real blog post, the earth would have shook. The sky would have rained down bunnies. And you would have received yet another stimulus check in the mail. Alas, this was not to be, since this is only a test.


3 thoughts on “Testing a New Blogging Platform

  1. Thanks for the update-

    I would love to share your site with some of my Seminary friends involved in Children’s ministry!

    And if if rains bunnys– are those the chocolate kind- or the real kind??


  2. I invite you to send them on over Julia:) The bunnies are chocolate, of course! But don’t tell my friend who goes by the nick Tink. She will expect me to give her some and I am hoarding them all for myself. :D

  3. Cool!

    I won’t tell Tink- so long as I have chocolate to keep my mouth busy! :)

    I am thrilled to share this site with some of my youth & children’s minitry friends! Keep up the good work!


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