Coming soon to an obscure blog near you….

I am working on a few different blog posts for the near future. Here is the topic list:

1. Lessons from Forklifts. A metaphor for learning how to exegete the culture in which we serve, both in the church and in the community. You will even get to see photos of the actual forklifts I drive, five in total! Order your popcorn now! Online now!

2. My Doctor of Ministry Courses. The practitioners who influenced me and key points I learned from them. Online now!

3. Update on my dissertation literature review. An bibliography of what I am reading, possibly annotated, at least in part.

4. Key questions about children’s and family ministry in small to mid-size churches. Online now!

5. What motivates me to do what I do. Some folks might be surprised; others, not so much. In any event, it might explain why I probably will never be employed by a church. Add butter to your popcorn for this one and buy the large size. It could be a long one!


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