another new Children’s Ministry web community

I stumbled across another new children’s ministry web community the other day. was developed by Michael Chanley to be a “free website designed to help people in Children’s Ministry network with one another.” I originally found the website while checking my twitter content. Karl Bastian of referred to it. Interestingly, Michael had just connected with me via facebook and even later invited me via email to join, after I had already done so.

It seems to me that there is a synergy occurring, particularly between facebook and twitter users, but also those on kidology and through RSS feeds. I suppose like attracts like to a certain degree, and people tend to gravitate toward communities of common interest. In any event, I was hesitant at first to join yet another web community. Truth be told, I feel maxed out as it is. There are only so many precious minutes in the day to read or contribute content and to network. However, how could I turn down a recommendation by the most auspicious and honorable Kidologist? Okay, okay, I suppose I never have followed his recommendation to buy a Mac, but the point remains.

My only quibble with cmconnect thus far is that it does not appear to be compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, particularly when attempting to edit the user profile. In my situation, I was repeatedly booted after receiving an exception error. This could effectively create a roadbloack for potential users who log on with IE. On the positive side, when I contacted Michael about this, he replied promptly, acknowledging the browser conflict and recommending Firefox. Personally, I don’t have a problem downloading firefox, as I think it will be worthwhile to see how God might use this emerging community to refine me and introduce me to new friends. Others, however, might not see it that way. But that is for them to decide. Yet, I encourage folks to try it with Firefox from the outset and see if they benefit from the user experience.

Once the browser issue is worked out, I think the site has terrific upsides. It seems intuitive. It has great potential for growth of its userbase. It encourages networking, interaction, content distribution, and varied media. And most importantly, its administrator seems to be a straight shooter who has a customer service sensibility. His attitude toward my plight is what caused me to say, “Yes I will download firefox and try again to utilize the site. As soon as I get time, of course.”

UPDATE on June 28:

Downloaded Firefox. The site works like a gem. Seems sorta like facebook, in a way, but focused on children’s ministry. Nice to see a new addition to the webworld.


6 thoughts on “ another new Children’s Ministry web community

  1. Glen glad to know we have you getting closer to joining the community over at I will truly be glad for you when you do upgrade or come into the light and buy a Mac though.

    Take care and don’t forget when you join let me know. Or when you buy a Mac, let me know;0)

  2. No Mac huh? And all this time I thought you had a lot of insight, brother! Oh well, I can only say with Paul “if there is anything you see differently I am sure the Lord will reveal that to you too”….

    Just kidding! Greetings from Denmark where I still preach to the kids once a month and to the grownups once a month in our little church plant :-)

    Have a blessed summer

  3. Heya solvej,

    Good to hear from you again. I pray all is well in your part of the world. Thanks for checking in!

  4. Just read this post… you are too funny Glenn. I am getting social-network overload too. now that facebook has awesome iPhone interface AND is the only network to accept and post iPhone pictures, i may abandon twitter and get more into facebook on the iphone, as it strips away all the stupid stuff i hate about facebook. we’ll see. shows some promise, we’ll see.

  5. Karl,

    Yea, I find facebook a bit distracting myself with all of its addons. I have had to start opting out of those features. I guess every community has its strengths and weaknesses.

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