Age Appropriate VBS: One topic that might not be a good idea.

A moment ago the following took place in instant message. I have changed my friend’s id to “friend” in order to safeguard the id. I share this in order to emphasize how important it is to provide for age appropriate content in the children’s ministry, especially in VBS. Below, observe me setting the example. Note that I didn’t say it was a good example!

friend (10:48:54 PM): what are your plans for the weekend?
Glen (10:49:10 PM): work at the store and then the church
Glen (10:49:28 PM): and plan for vbs
friend (10:49:51 PM): kewl
friend (10:49:55 PM): do you have a theme?
Glen (10:51:09 PM): yes, we are going to research chiastic parallelism in the fourth gospel with a view to understanding the underlying motif of misunderstanding between Jesus and the varied characters, not least the Pharisees and the disciples.
Glen (10:51:32 PM): we try to keep it age appropriate

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