Websites to note

Here are a few websites I have noticed recently.

Going to Seminary is a great resource blog for new or seasoned seminary students. It gives practical tips, fresh ideas, and lots of encouragement, all from writers who are going to seminary themselves. They are living out the stuff which they write about. So check them out. I wish they had been around when I first started seminary. It would have helped me avoid a ton of pitfalls.

YouVersion is an online Bible which enables community and collaboration. It allows use of a variety of translations, but also the ability for you to contribute your content so that others can benefit from your notes. I have not used it yet, but it looks like a truly interesting idea. I love the fact they emphasize community in the context of content so that relationships are built even as ideas are presented and refined through the interaction of online peers.

New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) is a translation for early readers. It is designed to be understood by typical 4th grade children. It provides a natural stepping stone to moving to the NIV when the child’s reading level reaches that point.

3isenough is a new venture by Todd Hunter. Todd formerly provided leadership to AlphaUSA, but now has launched this new venture. He explains in detail exactly what TiE (Three is Enough) groups are on his About page. As I understand it, he is encouraging people to purposefully develop intentional friendship in groups of three for the purpose of spiritual formation and service toward others. Certainly worthwhile endeavors. Having spent a week with Todd in one of my DMin courses, I can assure you that he is the kind of person who has thought and prayed this through in the context of refining community before going public with it. It is certainly worth checking into for your own benefit, or perhaps that of your ministry teams and churches.


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