Children’s and Family Ministry Isn’t About Me

Children’s and family ministry isn’t about me as a leader. It never has been. It never will be. It is about the nine year old boy with no daddy to honor on Father’s day. It is about him, crestfallen once again at the fading prospects of a father to emulate. Although some of us try to fill in the gap in small ways, it simply isn’t the same. Children’s ministry is about the drug affected kids, born of biological parents ill-equipped to raise them, thus causing them to be turned over to foster care. It is about them in their hour of need when they scarcely can control themselves, becoming difficult to manage, but still remaining the focus of God’s heart. Children’s ministry is about the single mom, who for whatever reason, has found herself in the challenging situation of raising her children alone, often struggling to make financial ends meet. It is also about the many children who live in two parent homes. Although there might be many advantages at their disposal, there also can be easily forgotten the potential struggles and pitfalls, especially in homes where children are allowed to set the agenda and cause themselves and their parents to suffer for it. Children’s and family ministry in the local church is about all the people who call the church their home or who are influenced by them in the community. It is about those within, but also about those yet to come, and even those who may never step foot on campus, yet still are influenced by the community. It is about nurture and mission alike.

It is a calling, not simply an occupation. It is a mission, not a conquest. It is a growing organism of relationships, not simply an iconic organization. It is an ongoing journey of faith, not a marketplace designed to meet the perceived needs of one’s every desire. It is the living structure wherein God causes us to encourage each other in the faith, young and old alike, so that we may follow Jesus Christ as Lord, rather than our own selfish agendas.


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