Playground Business

Occasionally, I take the kids out to the playground so they can blow off some steam in the fresh air. The weather has been very accomodating the last few days for this to happen. These are a few photos I took last Sunday.

Play is serious business for kids. It is their work, in a manner of speaking. In play, they act out the things that concern them. They also can learn social skills, leadership traits, practice ways to reconcile when they disagree, and simply be children. Learning to be present, yet non-intrusive with children while they play is a valuable skill. We can observe while they go about their business. We can interact without interfering, especially when invited. We can maintain adult parameters of respect while embracing childlike humor and interaction when appropriate. Both structured and unstructured play are important tools in my ministry toolbelt. Rather than simply being an addon to ministry activities, play is a part of the larger philosophy of ministry which informs my approach to pastoring children.


2 thoughts on “Playground Business

  1. Glen, Nice post or importance to kids. When I went to India I noticed a large school without adequate playground, so I have made it my business to help the children have a playground there. So I have been praying for a miracle playground of large size to be a huge witness to the Hindu children and their families. We have now raised $30,000 in three weeks and now we are proceeding to raise another 40,000 by August. If we come to mind, I sure would appreciate your prayers as you clearly understand how important play is to children. Thanks,

    Barney, an everyday reader of your blogsite. Keep up the good posts.

  2. Barney,

    I appreciate the kind words and the effort you put into helping children around the world. I definitely will be praying for your most recent goal of helping the Hindu children and their families.

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