they once were little

They once were little, these graduating high school seniors. And now they have grown up, approaching the cusp of adulthood. With dreams of college and career looming, they look forward with excitement to the plans that God has for them. And rightly so. They have worked hard. Each of them loves Jesus. They also are devoted to their families. I am proud of them, having watched them grow up over the years. It was with great honor I asked them to take their photos with me, Janae, Andrew, Anna (holding someone’s little baby), and Danny. At one time I towered over Andrew and Danny. Nowadays I am just a short little pudgy guy in their presence. I love it. I gladly fade into the background as each of these young people come into focus. I pray for them diligently and ask God to protect them, guide them, equip them, and unleash them as servants of the Lord wherever he may lead them.


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