the beauty of trust

When uncertainty creeps into view, lurking in shadow and twilight, it at first seems like a mirage, not tangibly present, but sensed palpably nonetheless. With a rumor on the wind, a hint in careless conversation, a sense that all is not what it seems begins to muster strength. Sometimes uncertainty is borne on the winds of definitive evidence. But not always. In either case, it raises concerns. It can also cause undue worry.

What worries you? What causes uncertainty to contend for your attention? The economy? Your job? Your family? Your marriage? Church? Money? Volunteers? Parents? Staff relationships? What is the source of your worry?

In the natural, there are no guarantees in life. Stuff happens. The economy occasionally causes layoffs. Families go through rough patches. Churches experience struggles due to human fraility, even sin. Finances can be sparse, especially in parts of the world which know poverty daily.

Through it all, we can trust Jesus Christ. He will never leave us, nor forsake us. He sent us another Paracletos, the Holy Spirit, who indwells those who believe, empowering us, comforting us, guiding us, ministering to and through us. He is with us in the dark hour, even when it seems like the world is falling apart. He sees those tears streaming bitterly down your face. He reminds you that you are NOT alone. When you question God, when you question the church, when you question life, he is present with you, listening quietly, waiting for you to calm your heart enough to listen to his voice.

He shows himself in the life-giving text of Scripture. He illumines the text by the Holy Spirit, speaking eloquently to our hearts. To your heart. And he waits for you to listen, to taste and see that truly the Lord is good. Infinitely good. The beauty of trust which blossoms out of intimate, vulnerable conversation with the Father, through Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit is an eloquent dance of grace and truth. As we become tender before the Lord, we lay aside our questioning, our yearning, our neediness, and we trust. Trust has as its first call of duty obedience. Trust calls us to worship, obey, believe. Not necessarily in that order, but more likely in some holistic combination. Trust reminds us that God is present with us, not in theory, but in person. And we rejoice despite all the uncertainties which clamor for our attention. We rejoice because despite the difficulties we face, God reminds us of his abiding love in that Jesus Christ did indeed die for our sins and then rose again bodily three days later, and he will soon be returning to set the world to rights. In the meantime, we revel in the beauty of trust despite living in an age of uncertainty.


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