Sharing Moments

One of the profoundly poignant aspects of being single is finding ways to share moments which affect you deeply. It might be something happy or sad. We all have them by virtue of living life and experiencing what it brings our way. While a married person typically (unfortunately, not always) will share those things with a spouse, the single person is not afforded that access. So what are we to do? Brush the moments and their meaning off? For many men, this is exactly what occurs. Less so for women, I suspect. But why shouldn’t we bring others into our realm of experience? Why shouldn’t we give access, within appropriate parameters, to the interior of our hearts? In my case, I am learning to share with friends whom I trust. It isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is so much more simple just to forget about it, even when the news is positive. Why make a big production out of it, right? Allowing others into your heart is a risky issue. But the payoff can be rewarding with deeper friendships and greater mutual and honorable connectedness. With greater authentic connectedness comes heightened maturity and accountability which flows out of organic relationship, rather than simply a reliance on forced encounters which hold little trust.

So for those of you who are single, next time something minor or significant occurs, try sharing it with a friend. Ask them to rejoice with you. Ask them to grieve with you. Ask them to let you be real and invite them to do the same.


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