Learning to Make a Missional Impact through the Small Church

When considering the missional impact of churches it is wise to note that although bigger is not always more effective or life-changing, neither is smaller always more intrinsically humble or relational. There are many large churches from whom we in the small church world could learn a thing or two about authentic connectedness. Likewise, there are small churches who are making a gospel impact which is mutually local and global in scope. The main difference is that we hear more from the large churches since they naturally tend to draw more attention from the publishing and media outlets. But not always. Group, Standard and several others have given attention to the small to average size congregations, noting their special challenges as well as their unique ministry approaches. This is encouraging to me, a bi-vocational blue collar laborer and children’s pastor who struggles to learn the best practices for ministering to today’s local culture. As I continue with my literature review, I will be bringing some of these resources to light, highlighting contributions which I appreciate.


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