initializing doctoral dissertation research….

I sent in the first draft of my doctoral dissertation proposal. My working title is (begin drum roll): “Praxis of Nurture and Mission in Small Churches: A Practical Theology of Children’s and Family Ministry.”

I was asked to make a couple of minor adjustments in the proposal. A few items needed further definition. Plus, I decided to broaden my research beyond my local church. This actually was not requested of me, but I opted for it anyway to expand the relevance and contribution of the research sample. I submitted the proposal again the same day (yesterday) as a second draft. It will receive an offical sign off at the end of May or early June, after the person responsible returns from an overseas trip. But it has essentially been approved unofficially. So at this point I am beginning my literature review, an extensive exercise which will inhabit my every waking moment away from work and other work (church). Thus, the research phase is initializing…. I intend to share insights on the various books, periodicals, resources, and workshop cd’s as I work through them in the next two months. Hang on to your hats. It is going to get busy.

If you are interested in being included in an exclusive email list so that you may receive drafts (three total) of my dissertation writing as they become available, you may email me directly to ask permission. You must include your full name, your church name and position, your church website url and/or your personal blog url. I reserve the right to decline any request. Yet I desire to get feedback from others who share my concern for the practice of nurture and mission in children’s and family ministry in smaller churches.


3 thoughts on “initializing doctoral dissertation research….

  1. Glenn,
    Congratulations and it looks like you will be busy. I’m eager to follow along with what you’re learning.

  2. Thanks so much Tony. I am eager to get on with the process, so it is a relief that the beginning has essentially arrived. Always feel free to give your feedback!

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