the joy of behind-the-scenes service

I had the joy of helping out a friend this evening with a document which required some editing. I love to edit in such a way that the person I am helping shines all the brighter through his or her writing. And I get the satisfaction of knowing that, in some small way, I hopefully made a difference from way behind the scenes. There is something about working with a leader far from public view, helping the person to wrestle with concepts, clarity of communication, or direction. The world likely will never know the contributions which are made by those of us who labor in obscurity, and that is a good thing. The glory belongs to the Lord anyway.

It has some similarity to children’s ministry. My activities in leading ministry with kids is fully accountable to those who need to know, but it also is mostly outside the scrutiny of those who attend the church, given that mine is not a public role, but a minor support role. When I originally interviewed for this volunteer position twelve years ago, I told my pastor that I do not want his job. And that remains true today. This is why I rarely appear on the public platform, unless it is the annual business meeting to account to the membership for my job performance. My job is to work diligently behind the scenes in leading the children’s ministry and in sparking new avenues of family ministry. Of course, there are exceptions, such as this next Sunday when I lead a small group of young children in a play…. But that will have to wait for another post, complete with pictures. I hope. :)


2 thoughts on “the joy of behind-the-scenes service

  1. I love support and behind the scenes ministry. When we offer ourselves fully over to service to the Lord He will bring opportunity our way. Thank you for the encouraging post. I remember a friend saying that he loved assist type moves in basketball, get the ball down the court and pass it to the good shooter. I think of myself and my behind-the-scenes service in this way. Like the choosing of seven servers to feed the people in Acts 6 so the apostles would be free to teach. Thank you Glen for your service and encouraging us others who also serve behind-the-scenes.

  2. Robert,

    I have to tell you that you have long been an inspiration for me. Your heart for God and people shines through in your selfless service. You are a leader in ways which those who carry the title of leader would do well to emulate. Thanks so much for your friendship over these many years. I appreciate you.

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