Getting Active on Kidology

Before you call me a stark raving lunatic, let me at least provide you with proof for the claim. :) I have signed up to write ten articles for Kidology in the month of May. If approved, they will show up in the Articles Zone of the website. I have no idea what level of access you will need to read them. Some articles are for anyone browsing the site. Others require membership access. So when I learn more, I will pass it along! Plus I will indicate the titles and url for each article when they go live.

Update: I have developed a working title for my articles. It is going to be a series, “Becoming an Excellent Children’s Ministry Teacher.” Again, there will be ten articles and I have already specified their specific topics. I will wait to introduce them, however, until they are written.


4 thoughts on “Getting Active on Kidology

  1. Congrats,Glen! Good for you. I am sure that you will make a fine contribution to Kidology. I will look forward to studying and learning from your articles. Barney

  2. Thanks Barney. It’s funny. When we spoke at CPC I had no desire to add one more thing to my plate. But after prayer and thought, I decided that in this next year, this is an optimal season to get feedback on my ideas in the fertile soil of children’s ministry conversation at kidology. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Thanks Steve! I have started writing my first one. My problem is limiting my word count! There is so much I could say, but cogent and economical word choice goes a lot farther than a deluge of ideas. So hopefully it will be readable. :) By the way, not only do you and Kidology rock, you also rawk! Rawk is the intensive form for rock, a little known morphological variant primarily exercised in large gatherings of sports fans….Erm, n/m kthanks. :D

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