seeking the heart of God when disillusioned

Most people go into children’s ministry because of a passion to reach kids and their families. Their dreams are birthed out of prayer and much thought, plus the affirmation of key influential people in their lives. They want to make a difference. One child at a time. One family at a time. They want to bring them to Jesus so they may come to know God and live vibrant God honoring lives.

For many, somewhere along the way they experience disillusionment. Chances are, someone reading this is disillusioned. You wonder how it came to this. You wonder where the joy of ministry went. You might even question your calling or your relationship with God.

I call to our attention the image of the beloved disciple as he leaned against Jesus during the last supper in the upper room. It was a moment of profound disillusionment for all of the disciples. Jesus had just announced that one of them would betray him. The beloved disciple, at the urging of Simon Peter, asked Jesus who this person would be. In essence the beloved disciple sought clarity, but also comfort. And Jesus, understanding this, provided the answer plainly.

So here we see an image of the beloved disciple leaning on Jesus in the hour of most pressing need. Upon whom are you leaning? Or what? Lean on Jesus. Listen to his heart beat, which clearly reflects the purposes of his Father. In time, this season of disillusionment will pass as you seek God’s face and follow his direction.


4 thoughts on “seeking the heart of God when disillusioned

  1. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. God bless you richly as you seek his face. :) And come back again!

  2. i think this is more universal than one might think, I think almost every job has its time of disillusionment. how we deal with it is i guess what makes us. i know only the Lord can bring a person through times like these…

  3. Oh I agree. I addressed it to children’s ministry people since they are the majority of my blog audience, but I agree that it can be true in any field of endeavor.

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