Portland Hill Walks: A New Journey for Me

I long have had a fascination for destinations in far off locales. The culture. The music. The geography and architecture. Especially the language, and the variations of coinage and customs. In recent years I have gained an appreciation for my own location, right here in the Portland area. So to remedy my relative ignorance of the nuances pertaining to Portland life, I intend, to some degree, to trace the footsteps outlined in the book I recently purchased entitled Portland Hill Walks: Twenty Explorations in Parks and Neighborhoods by Laura O. Foster. She gives suggested routes, plus many pointers on how to carry them out, how to get there, what to eat, and what to expect in the actual process of walking the routes.

Some of the walks will require me to take easier route variations, as I am not in the proper condition required for their rigorous demands. As I understand it, they will afford me the chance to see some interesting geography, history, architecture, and culture. Plus there will be tasty cuisine to sample during times of refreshment.

I will be sure to bring my camera and blog my experiences over the coming months as I slowly try the walks one by one. Also, I will plan easier walks, especially in some of the interesting downtown areas, where sculptures, fascinating buildings and interesting people abound.


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