kids returning and fists flying

Last Sunday I mentioned that many of my kids spent the morning in the adult service watching the easter play. Today they began to return. Many were gone on the last legs of Spring break. Yet, we had a good group today. So we reprised the easter lesson I taught last week, easter eggs, craft and all. I should have brought my camera. The kids did a marvelous job with their craft. So creative!

At the beginning of the worship hour there was a small altercation between two boys. As a result, I removed a boy who chose to hit his counterpart twice with his fist. I brought one of his parents over and he was removed for the remainder of the day. I never enjoy having to do that. I will welcome him back next time with open arms. He, however, will need to learn self-control. I followed up later in the afternoon by making a phone call to the parent. I was assured that he is okay; just very tired from having stayed up too late the night before. I am encouraged by the positive working relationship we have. I respect this family and all of the families in my church highly. I appreciate their willingness to converse with me about nurturing their kids in the faith, even in the tough times such as this morning.

Children’s ministry leadership isn’t always a bundle of Hallmark moments. Sometimes it is simply hard work. I am thankful for the privilege I share in walking alongside these families as together we follow Jesus Christ.


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