moments of anticipation

As I pause for a moment, having just risen from sleep and now preparing to head down to the church, I find myself reflecting on the moments of anticipation. While it required measured discipline to disentangle my attention from the call of sleep, that discipline is accompanied by a desire to see the kids. I want to hear about their week. What did they experience? What joyful stories have they to tell? What prayer requests will they bring to share? Will they be happy? Sad? Angry? I anticipate the ebb and flow of our interaction, knowing full well that God will give us all grace to seek his face as we come together to worship, pray, learn and play.

My heart is especially drawn to the quiet ones who tend to fade into the background of excited chatter; it was not so long ago that I was one of them. I know that their shy countenances shroud minds full of questions and wondrous worlds of imagination. I remember how confusing the frenetic activity of children’s church sometimes seemed, and how wonderful it was to have a sunday school teacher know my name and show genuine concern for me in ways that are appropriate and non-invasive.

So, I prepare once again to enter the world of children and to join them in their journey. The anticipation heightens. I know God will be present with us, children and adults alike. Break camp and advance….


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