of the sun rising and setting

Twilight is one of my favorite times to be outdoors, especially at the ocean or somewhere away from the city. As I follow the orb of the sun making its way to the lower part of the sky, I am struck by the fact it is just now appearing in the elsewhere in the world as the rising sun. The sunset for me is also the sunrise for another. My twilight is the signal of a beginning for another.

And I wonder, what dreams are being birthed even as I reflect on mine? What hopes cause the hearts of children and their families to soar? What troubles cast shadows over their countenances?

In a world where war, poverty, hunger, pestilence and crime run rampant, there still abides the untameable frontier of hope in the hearts of men and women, boys and girls. So, I pray. I pray for justice. For courage to do my part. For wisdom to make discerning choices. And I thank God for another day, with one soon to follow.


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