keeping it real

I miss my Dad today. There are questions I would ask him. There are stories I would request of him to tell once again. The funny stories. The alarming ones. The amazing ones. If I could only share a few more moments of laughter with him. But he is gone now. I know that. I accept it. But it doesn’t salve the pain. It doesn’t fill the silence. It doesn’t take away the longing.

Life is like that. Reality strikes. It disrupts the harmony of my world. And it forces me to take it for what it is. Even so I choose to do so with a positive attitude. But honesty requires that I keep it real. I hurt. And I rejoice. I weep. And I celebrate. I mourn. And I passionately worship the Lord God who created us, who sustains us, who saves us. Rather than allowing my pain to distance me from God, I choose to run to him. It doesn’t really matter what others think. I am going to keep it real.

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3 thoughts on “keeping it real

  1. Hey friend, I truly do understand. Everyday I miss my little brother and his big hugs and incredible smile but in spite of the extreme pain I choose to stay with God and run towards Him because I can’t imagine living this life without His strength. Be blessed my friend

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Tamara. It means a lot to me. I miss you. I look forward to speaking with you on the phone in May.

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