when little boys grow up

I saw him walking toward me from a distance and I knew what to expect. He has always been this way. He walked up to me and gave me a big hug. Now standing at about 6’2″, he towers over me, a young man not too far from entering adulthood, though not quite there yet. I remember when he was a little boy. So full of wonder and mischief–the good kind, not the bad. He loved to run and play with the other boys. Always very loving and kind, as he continues to remain even now.

The scion of a loving family, it is no surprise to see how he is turning out. Gifted in music vocally and on guitar and in drama, he carries the genes of his parents who, likewise, share those gifts. He is growing up now. Becoming a man of God, like many of his peers. And I pray for them; I pray for the little girls now grown up as well. I pray that God will form them, strengthen them, comfort them, use them so that they will flourish in the worlds they will inhabit all the days of their lives.

When little boys grow up it is a day of rejoicing as they enter the realm of manhood, beginning to take responsibility for themselves, following the way of the Lord.

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