Jesus is Mighty to Save

Some of you visiting this blog might be wondering about Jesus. You have heard about him. You might even like him for all the good he did or the things he taught. But perhaps you have kept him at a distance. Yet, something is tugging at your heart. Something deeper in that place you thought long buried. It is beginning to surface again… It calls for your attention. You sense a stirring in you and you realize it is time to listen. You realize that even though you may be young, you are one step closer to eternity.

I invite you to read the presentation at and also to listen to the video below by Hillsong, entitled Hillsong United–Mighty to Save.

If you would like to commit your life to Jesus Christ, I invite you to do so right now. Call upon the name of the Lord and you will be saved from your sins. Confess that you are a sinner and ask Jesus to come into your life, wash away your sins and be your Lord. If you wish to talk about your decision and what you should do next, you may leave a comment here or you can contact me via email. Jesus Christ loves you.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus is Mighty to Save

  1. Jesus — if he even existed — is dead. Has been for nearly 2,000 years. Why not try living in the present, not the past.

  2. Thanks so much for commenting :) Jesus rose bodily from the grave. Many saw him as is recorded in the gospels. He is alive and well and returning again. :) Have a great day!

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