Update on Me

I have fielded some questions about what is happening with me, so here is a quick synopsis.

1. My work schedule just changed. I no longer have Mondays off. I now have Wednesdays off until 4 pm, when I must make final preparations for evening Kids Club. If you are local and you would like to meet with me in the future, Wednesday morning would work well. Just email me and we can talk about details. In fact I am planning to contact a few people to that end soon.

2. Always feel free to email me for free web-based interaction. Who knows? I might even have something helpful to say! Or you can go to Kidology.org, register as a professional user, and ask there.

3. I am not planning any more major ministry or training related trips for the remainder of 2008. I am going to focus on my dissertation work and my church instead.

4. If you are interested in having me to come speak at your church or deliver onsite training, I can still do that on select Sunday afternoons or evenings. Another option is Saturday evening. Email me to discuss details.

5. Finally, this is my 700th post on this specific blog. Hard to believe. Many more to come, I am sure. Stay tuned!


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