beneath the peaceful waters

It was a tranquil scene. The sunlight danced across the surface of the waters. From 30,000 feet in the air, the Pacific Ocean appeared placid. But I wonder what dangers lurked beneath the surface? In the plunging depths of this great ocean, what creatures fought for survival, while I was treated to a sumptuous meal of miniature pretzels and cold water? Although all seemed calm to my eyes, could it be that the currents wielded their inexorable power below, so much so that their impact would be felt on distant shores?

Are human beings much different? Our external countenance might belie the internal realities which percolate in our hearts. On the surface we appear to have it together. At a deeper level, it is possible that we recognize something is amiss, and we struggle to reconcile the dissonance. Yet, eventually, the interior currents of our hearts will have external impact. In essence, the hidden waves will wash ashore for all to see. What manner of content will accompany their arrival? It is under pressure that the authentic content of our character is revealed. To the degree that our outward countenance coincides with our inward character, we will discover the true consistency of how what we say matches what we do.


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