power of simple conversations

It has been a long week in the workplace. As I made the long commute home across the city in heavy rush hour traffic, I called my Mom. It was a simple conversation. We spoke of the weather, our day, and other common items of interest. Mostly, we reminded each other of our love. And our hearts were filled again. There is an amazing power in simple conversations with loved-ones to wash away the stuff of the week. Just hearing Mom’s voice brought a smile. It is the sort of thing that gives family a beautiful reputation.


2 thoughts on “power of simple conversations

  1. cherish those conversations, my mom went to be with the Lord on Christmas day 1996…. still seems like a few months ago. I miss those conversations….

  2. I miss my conversations with my dad as well. It makes the time with my mother all the more critical. Every moment counts.

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