Children’s Ministry Needs in the Philippines

I received an email from Pastor Jesse O. Otoc in the Philippines recently. I have edited it for length and clarity and posted it below. I invite you to read it. If you have suggestions for materials which would benefit his ministry, please comment or you may email me directly. Thank you!


I am Pastor Jesse O. Otoc, serving a congregation in Villarica, Midsayap 9410, Cotabato, Philippines. I am serving for a quite number of years and I am supervising 9 small local congregations in our provinces mostly situated in interior places and some are in the hillside. We have a lot of children here. Some are cared by the parents. But some (parents) are neglecting their duty to love the children . The churches are trying to take care (of the children). That is why we are praying … how we (can) maintain them until they become fully matured in Spirit and all aspects in life. We need partnership whose aim and vision is for the children to Christ.

I took up the picture at the end of our worship service in the morning. As a District Minister that holds almost 9 local congregation, my focus of concern is for the children to be trained in the words of God … until they become a matured people. That is why I have divided my schedule of visiting the churches to be fair to them and encourages the assigned workers in that congregation to love the children by teaching the Bible story and to memorize Bible verses, also teaching them to sing hymns and psalms. My heart is for the children and have compassion to them. My burden is so big for the little ones whom as God said ” The kingdom of God is for them.” My prayer is, in every needs to help the spiritual growth of the children in every level be updated/follow up.

We ask your support to send teaching materials to be used. We are preparing for the Daily Vacation Bible School on April and our materials is very limited that cannot cope with handling the number of the children. We appreciate much granting favor of my request in your ministry to help the children growing in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Again, thank you and God bless. More information about your ministry I am happy to hear and abide the guidelines. In His service,

Pastor Jesse O. Otoc
Your Brother in the Philippines


2 thoughts on “Children’s Ministry Needs in the Philippines

  1. My wife grew up in the Philippines and I’ve been there several times doing children’s ministry, it is a wonderful place.

    While I know Internet and computers are not often available on the mission field, for what it is worth, gives a free membership to any overseas ministry. Simply contact our support @ for more info if that could meet a need.

  2. Thanks so much Karl. I have forwarded this information via email to Pastor Jesse. I appreciate it!

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