Day One of Seattle Conference

I finished day one of the two-day NWCE Conference. The ladies with me in the photo are my friends from Drawing Water, a drama ministry in Redmond, Washington. You can check their website out at Bring them to your church. They do a terrific job!

It has been a terrific time of meeting up with a bunch of old friends and meet several new ones. I even got to dance in front of 3,500 people during the general session. Jana Alayra called me and several other men to the platform. I am told that the camera crew focused on me on the main screen because of my, erm, singular dancing style. :) It was hilarious. Yes, I know. I have no shame.

I attended Dr. Denise Muir Kjesbo’s workshop on Family Ministry: Exploring Five Models. It was an examination of biblical foundations for each, plus their practical outworkings and their respective strengths and weaknesses. This workshop alone made it worth the trip. I told her she needs to put it into some sort of print form. Notably, she pointed out that family ministry is still in its infancy and we do not yet know how it will eventually play out. This is confirmation to me that there is room for my voice in the conversation.

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