Tuesday afternoon at San Diego CPC

I am having a great time at CPC. I have access to a computer terminal in the lobby area of the convention hall. I took a break to send Gary Dixon a couple of workshop titles for the NWCEC in Seattle. Apparently someone had to bow out so he asked me to cover two additional slots. What a great opportunity!

The workshops at CPC have been outstanding. I will blog more on them later in the week. The presenters are dynamic, knowledgeable and humble. I really appreciate their insights. Jim Wideman is a true gem. He truly cares about others and it shows in his countenance and his presentations.

I have met several people from the blog world: Karl Bastian: he is taller than me! :) Super nice guy with a balanced, mature insight into family and ministry. Mark Harper: what a wealth of experience and knowledge, especially in terms of family ministry. Very gracious. Spencer Click: Met him for a moment and look forward to more conversation later tonight. Again, very gracious. Evan Doyle: This is a smart, insightful, humble young man to watch now and in the days to come. We can learn much from him. Ryan Frank: Multi-tasker, creative, inspirational. I need to sit him down and pick his brain in a big way. Barney Kinard: Gracious, knowledgeable, down-to-earth real guy. Reminds me of Jim Wideman in terms of his desire to speak into the lives of other children’s ministers. Go to Kidology.org to sign up for coaching. Jim Wideman: Again, he is a gem. And he is accessible. Check out his website for resources and insights. Apply to sign up for a year of coaching. Limited to 20 people! http://www.jimwideman.com.

I am sure I am missing some people from the blog world. If I am, I am sorry! I will post photos later in the week. But first I need to start taking them!

Okay, enough about me. Time to get busy networking some more!

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