Preparing for Children’s Pastor’s Conference

Tomorrow morning I will fly down to San Diego for the Children’s Pastor’s Conference. All the details are handled. I have only to pack my bags, print out my web-based boarding pass, head over to the airport, succumb to the inevitable security protocols and then fly on down to sunny (I hope) San Diego.

I have so many questions to ask. This is the first major conference I have ever been to where I am truly going for the purpose of being a learner. I have no workshops to teach or exhibit booths to tend. How refreshing is that? I plan to make full use of the time. Workshops. Conversations. Resources. Sunshine. Meeting new friends. Catching up with old friends. Not that they are old in age. Well, some of them are, but don’t tell them I said that or they will point to my receding hairline, bulging waistline and ever-so-distinguished gray hair. But I digress….

I am truly thrilled to be going first to San Diego and then to Seattle for the Northwest Christian Education Conference later in the week. My aim is to focus on these major points of inquiry: 1. How can the church support families practically in nurturing their kids in the daily routines of life? 2. How can the church engage meaningfully in intentional mission that intertwines seasonal initiatives with everyday living within the culture? 3. How might the church’s ministry to and with children and their families be intentionally integrated into both of these concerns in practical ways?

Naturally, there are corollary questions, but the points above provide a window into the major concerns I am wanting to tackle in the coming week and beyond. I will be sure to blog if I have time and reliable internet service at the hotels. If you are going to be at either of these conferences, please be sure to look for me. See ya there!


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