vulnerability gives access to interdependence

The other day I met with a husband and wife in my church in the local Starbucks. I work with their kids on a regular basis in the children’s ministry. We gathered to dream together about the possibilities which lie ahead for the families in our church. We shared some of our own experiences, hopes and struggles. At one point I said to them,

“I am so far out of my element in conversing about family, given my singleness and the fact I am not a parent. I am out of my league and my arena of experience. I feel vulnerable. And maybe that isn’t such a bad thing as we move forward. It means that more than ever I need you and the other parents to help me navigate the way forward for our church.”


2 thoughts on “vulnerability gives access to interdependence

  1. In classical logic, to discredit the source of a particular argument or point of view in such a way that it precludes any consideration of the merit of that position is to “poison the well” and is a fallacy of irrelevance. Paul told Timothy to avoid this reasoning and to not let anyone “look down on your youthfulness (or age, or sex, or singleness, etc.).” You probably have some amazing insight into parenting and children because of, rather than in spite of, your own experience!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Keith. I admit this is something I have struggled with for years, partly because of others (parents, denomination officials, etc) responses to me as a single person and partly because of my own thinking. It helps me a lot to read your point of view.

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