of chaordic infusions and organic mission

There is a stirring which long has been happening. A melting of frozen waters; a rippling among the contours of their gathering, amid the chaos of their outflow and the order of their process; becoming fluid, but retaining the qualities of function appropriate to new forms. Conversations. Prayers spoken in community. Growing awareness that others feel similarly what privately has been birthing in our hearts. Generative struggles to engage each other in the arena of ideas as well as the praxis of these lives we lead together. The understanding that in order to think outside of existing structures, those structures sometimes need to be set aside, if only in part and temporarily, so that the community can seriously dialogue with a sense of urgency on the best way forward into a missional future which has authentic import for the culture with respect to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My church took a huge step forward in their commitment to the process this evening at our annual business meeting. For the first time in many years I feel a release to think with sacred abandon about the possibilities which lie ahead. It is organic. Missional. Ordered, but chaotic. Thus, the term chaordic. Perhaps now I will be able to move forward with greater velocity responding to the three critical questions which have informed my thinking in the past several years:

1. Why do we do children’s and family ministry the way we do it?
2. Why do we do church the way we do it?
3. Why do we do life the way we do it?

This is going to be an interesting ride. I am ready for some risks. I am ready to engage in fresh expressions of mission in my culture. Just don’t expect me to stay locked into the same old way of doing things. Expect a breaking out from the normative comfort zones with frontline contact in the city. Expect pointed incursions into the margins, creating dialogue and relationship, rather than simply infrequent charity. Everything is on the table within the parameters of orthodoxy and orthopraxy so that the mission of making disciples might bear great fruit for God’s glory in ever-increasing measure. Break camp and advance….


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