Joy is a Decision

Life has a way of presenting difficulties. Sometimes life is hard, even unfair. And it can hurt. What should we do when this happens? Cry? There is a time for that. Express anger? There may even be a time for that, although probably not as often as some might suspect. Get depressed? Been there, done that. There has to be a better way. Ignore it? I doubt that is such a realistic option. Smile? Umm. What? Smile. You know, the upturn of your lips which creates a sensation usually associated with something funny, cheerful and happy. Smile. Grin. Praise. Thanksgiving. Joy. It is no small matter to choose to smile in the midst of adversity. It is a decision. And it brings a dimension of bright hope in the midst of the darkest circumstances. Difficulties will present themselves all the days of our lives. They offer the fertile opportunity to testify to God’s grace and mercy.

Joy is the clarion call for those given over to despair. Joyful persons are the ambassadors of hope in their midst. They demonstrate daily the incremental series of choices which comprise joyful living. They understand that joy is a decision.

As you reflect on your life situation, what is your decision about this business of joy?


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