Spotting Potential Security Risks: The Advantage of an Outsider’s Perspective

In the heart of the cultural district of downtown Portland, a large church–at one time commanding a prominent presence on the skyline, but now dwarfed by nearby skyscapers–attempts to interact with its community. These photos were taken on an afternoon when a classical instrumental duet was being featured. While I did not venture inside, I did take the time to walk the perimeter of the stately building. At one point I noticed a small sign hanging in a window. Scroll down to the bottom photograph and you can see it for yourself. Such is the task of adapting to the dense urban environment, yes?

I wonder, do they really want to notify people of precisely where the sleeping children are located in the building? At first it struck me as being funny that the note was there. But then I began to think about the potential security issues, even with the window protected by iron bars. I wonder if there are potential security risks in our church environments which seem obvious to complete outsiders, but have become difficult to spot by leaders? It seems to me that it would be worthwhile to have a trusted outside pair of eyes occasionally look at our buildings and systems to see if they catch something which we miss due to familiarity.


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