Prayer Request From Kenya

I have been exchanging a few emails with a new friend from Kenya. He is a Sunday School Teacher in a local church congregation. Moments ago, he emailed me this very heart felt prayer request. Will you join me in praying for him and for the nation of Kenya?

Morning Glen Woods,

Our nation is at the moment experiencing internal conflict, after the general election on 27/12/07. Lives have been lost, houses burn and now many are refugees within our own country. Political leaders have not come into agreement of the way forward. The ODM leader would like president Kibaki to step down because it has been considered they were rigging in the election. At the moment the ODM has planned to have country-wide mass protests for three days from Wednesday the 16th of this month, and the government has burned all political rallies, including this protest. Because of this disagreement we have experience looting within the nation. Please, I request your prayers from you and the body of Christ. Please help us in prayer. Shallom.



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