Traits to Look for in Volunteer Prospects

Here are a few traits which I typically look for when considering prospective volunteers to be involved in the children’s ministry at my church. For those workers who move into greater areas of responsibility, there are even higher levels of expectation. This partial list is for anyone who helps at any level. I have not included in this list issues pertaining to background checks or in-depth interview questions. Obviously, the interview might go into detailed discussions about such things as character, experience, and issues regarding areas of concern in the application process.

1. Growing Spiritual Maturity: Not that they have arrived–who among us have?–but there should be evidence of a lifestyle of following Jesus which is apparent in their activities, attitudes and conversation. At a minimum, they need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, demonstrate integrity in their behavior, participate in weekly corporate worship, be in accountability relationships with peers and actively pursue a life of personal discipleship.

2. Genuine interest in ministering to children: I ask them why they want to be involved and to what extent. Their motives must be other-centered, prioritizing the needs of the children and their families.

3. Team player: They should be willing to participate in agreed-upon meetings, fulfill necessary role-related tasks (even the menial housekeeping ones pertaining to their areas of responsibility, and the facilities and equipment they use), accept and offer constructive criticism where necessary, and exhibit positive attitudes toward all others in the ministry.

Do you share these priorities? What would you add? Which ones, if any, do you feel would be secondary in your situation?


2 thoughts on “Traits to Look for in Volunteer Prospects

  1. I was always so impressed with how my child connected with Gretchen. And how Gretchen facilitated that. What a gift she has with kids.

    I actually learned alot while I was working for the children’s ministry. I always enjoyed it so much, I came home energized after the events.

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