and He was moved….

sheep without a shepherd;
teeming masses confused;
cacophony of anger
under Herod’s rule;
and he was moved….

to search for a great leader
rising in their midst
among the house of David
and strike down their unrest….

they longed for fulfillment.
they yearned for Messiah
to strike down the oppression
and raise the banner high.
and He was moved….

to come as a baby
born of the virgin, Mary
in obscure and humble milieu;
Immanuel, God with us.
and He was moved….

to save us from our sins;
to deliver us from evil;
to fulfill the law and prophets
spotless Lamb; true Messiah, the Christ.

Our King of Kings.
Our Great High Priest.
The Lamb who was slain from the foundation of the world.

Once a child, fully human and fully God;
The Good Shepherd who calls His sheep to His fold
in the midst of a world of Herods….

and He was moved….

24 December 2007 by Glen Alan Woods

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