The Crippled Lamb, Christmas 2007

Josh had one leg that didn’t work right; he always limped when he walked….

Josh didn’t have a mom or dad and he was sad that he couldn’t run and play like the other sheep….

Abigail the cow had big white spots and she was Josh’s friend….

Abigail moo’d really, really loud: MOOOOO

The shepherd brought out the sheep; they were kinda shy so they hid behind him for awhile….

Josh wanted to line up with the sheep, but they laugh at him and told him to go baaaack, go baaaack….

Josh cried when the other sheep laughed and told him to leave….

Abigail the cow reminded Josh that God has a special place for those who feel left out….

Abigail and Josh went to the stable and began to eat. Abigail said, “Mmm mmm, Just like Mom’s home cookin’!

Josh was full so he quickly fell asleep in the stable. Mary entered with her brand new baby, Jesus….

Josh wondered who that was. Abigail shrugged because she didn’t know….

Josh saw that the baby was cold, so after looking around the stable for something to keep him warm, Josh curled up beside the baby and warmed him with his own fur….

Joseph entered with a few rags to warm the baby, but Mary pointed out Josh’s act of kindness in keeping the new King warm….

“New King?” wondered Josh….He wondered what this could mean.

In the end, Josh, Abigail, Mary, Joseph, the Shepherd and the sheep realized that Jesus was the promised Messiah, the new King. Josh also realize that God does have a special place for those who feel left out.


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