Before I left the church campus last Sunday….

Walking throughout the small three-building church campus, I shared hugs with a few teens who will soon graduate from high school. Memories of their childhood form the backdrop for their promising futures. Tears came to my eyes as they spoke of budding dreams and hopes….

I shared a smile and a few high-fives with two six year-old boys, friends and partners in mischief, brilliant little co-conspirators that they are….

I shared a smile and warm greeting with an elderly retired minister. Her husband had passed away a few years ago. She faithfully attends worship, and faithfully shares encouragement and blessings with any who will listen. She has so much to share and I listen every chance I get….

I touched base with several parents throughout the campus, all on individual errands of responsibility or in the midst of conversations. Our greetings were warm. I am proud of them….

I spoke briefly to the Kid’s Choir kids, parents and workers at their after-performance party, thanking them for all their hard work and ministry and informing them of an important upcoming item on the church schedule. I wanted to say more to them, much more. But there will be a more appropriate time to tell them again how much I love them; how much I hold them in high esteem. Yes, there will be many more times soon to come….


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