joyful memories, they bring….

I watched the kids choir performance tonight. A gaggle of growing kids singing, dancing, saying their lines. Smiles, giggles and a few waves to Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. Lots of clapping. Lots of proud loved ones looking on at the spectacle, the fruit of three months of hard work, head scratching and encouragement.

I remember them as babies and infants, and later toddlers and preschoolers. I remember the many hours of teaching, counseling, mediating, listening. The tears and the laughter; the celebrations of birthdays. They are giving me the privilege of a being a small part of their lives. And so tonight I got to see them perform, much older now, yet still young children. And I beamed, proud of them for their efforts in music and also proud of their contributions to helping feed the hungry in our community as part of their program.

Joyful memories, they bring, these precious children and families I am privileged to help pastor. Thank you Lord for the joy you have set before me in the form of these wonderful families.


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